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Business School

AESE is the oldest business school in Portugal. Since its foundation, AESE mantains a strong leadership position within the national executive education, providing excellent programs inspired by a Christian vision of the person and society.


San Telmo Business School is one of the most prestigious Business Schools in Spain, where training is developed connected to reality.


AAPI has the objective of fostering relations between Portugal and India in what concerns the integration and promotion of permanent and reciprocal interchanges among persons and interests of both the States, privileging the consolidation and stimulus of cultural and economic synergies.
The Association was founded in Lisbon on the 30th January 2003.

We issue a monthly collection of news about business in India.

A not for profit service from AAPI and idEA at AESE Business School.


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Portuguese Online Newspaper

Observador started in  May 19, 2014. It is an independent, free online daily newspaper.


Diário de Noticias

Portuguese Daily Newspaper

Diário de Notícias is a Portuguese daily newspaper published in Lisbon, Portugal.


O Heraldo

The voice of Goa since 1900

Herald, Goa's oldest newspaper, is today also by far the largest-selling daily English newspaper in the State and the most widely read with a reputation for being fiercely independent.



Portuguese Daily National Newspaper

Público is a Portuguese daily national newspaper published in Lisbon, Portugal.

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O Link To Leaders é um projeto editorial direcionado para Start-ups, Empresas e Business Angels.

Tem como missão estabelecer o link que faltava entre o conhecimento, a experiência e o networking dos Business Angels e as ideias e necessidades das Start-ups e empresas, através de um website com atualização diária.

O Link To Leaders materializa-se numa plataforma digital que reúne um núcleo fixo de opinion leaders que abordam os temas mais atuais do ecossistema empreendedor, no sentido de auxiliar a tomada de decisão de muitos players do setor, desde a criação, à gestão e ao investimento.

Instituto San Telmo
Diário de Noticias
O Heraldo
Link to Leaders
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